United Machining Services, Inc. Conroe, TX


UMS began its journey in the early 1990’s with an idea and a mission of providing a level of customer service and quality second to none in the Energy manufacturing industry. Throughout the years, the company has built relationships across the globe for products and services. With a stable of long tenured employees, the foundation has remained steady as the company has branched out into Aerospace and Defense design and manufacturing to broaden its experience and portfolio of ideas that only solidify us on the cutting edge of technology and processing design.

Over the years, we have pooled the resources and experience of all of our employees to aid customers in the production of better design, equipment and parts at an ever evolving level of efficiency that makes us extremely appealing to manufacturers of all sizes. From Research and Development to small quantity production, UMS proves time and again to be an affordable model of quality and efficiency. Our further commitment to quality engaged us in our recent march through the ISO 9001 Certification process and is continuing to drive our appetite through the challenge of AS9100 certification. Each of these steps creates a new chapter in what will surely be a complete manual for quality and satisfaction for all of our customers to count on and build their success on.